Leaked: How Slain Serial Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo Actually Died

Police fugitive Caroline Kangogo was found dead in a bathroom in her parents’ home on Friday, with questions being raised if indeed she committed suicide or was shot dead.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Kangogo’s father has revealed that her daughter committed suicide. The Dad revealed that he has done investigations and unearthed that indeed her daughter shot herself.

“My daughter shot herself. She was brought here by a motorbike rider at 10 pm and proceeded straight to the bathroom where she shot herself.” he said.

He added; “There is no way someone could have placed her inside the bathroom and lock it from inside. The bathroom was locked from inside an indication she’s the one who locked it.” he revealed.

According to the distraught father, A Boda boda rider confided in him how he bought Caroline to the homestead on Thursday night at 10 pm, but he didn’t know if his passenger was the fugitive police woman.

The father’s revelations are set to answer a number of questions that Kenyans have been posing on social media.

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4 thoughts on “Leaked: How Slain Serial Killer Cop Caroline Kangogo Actually Died

  1. The family is hiding something,information given by the mother somehow contradicts with that of the father.

  2. If she had locked the door from the inside and shot herself dead, how did the mom open the door from the outside?

  3. Question: What was this shot that was never heard? And if she locked herself from the inside that would have been material information as the news broke because it meant you struggled to access the bathroom, well…this is new.

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