Marathi Gachagua Released By Court on 12m Bond

Hon Rigathi Gachagua has been released on 12m bond after spending the entire weekend behind bars. He was arrested on Friday and accused of conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption and acquiring public land illegally.

Gachagua has pleaded not guilty in presence of judges in court and was released. However, has been warned against interfering with the witnesses and forced to surrender his passport in court.

Gachagua is a close ally to DP William Ruto and leaders close to him have lamented the government for Political persecution of individuals allied to DP William Ruto. The arrest of Rigathi Gachagua was seen and UDA party digital strategist Dennis Itumbi alleged earlier.

DP William Ruto claimed that the government is using state power to torture those with contrary opinions with the administration of the country but claimed that it’s a matter of time.

Gachagua and other leaders in the hustler movement have been drumming support for DP William Ruto presidential bid where they ensured that his party has managed to frustrate Jubilee in Juja and Kiambaa by-elections. Ruto believes that this frustration might be the cause of the political torture his allies are going through.

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