Most Trending Dating Sites in Kenya with very interesting features

Recently, online dating in Kenya has changed to accommodate mobile phones while holding their desktop roots. This has further eased dating due to the fact that nearly everyone owns a smartphone. Therefore, you don’t have any excuse for being single when the right time comes.

Most definitely this question is running down on your mind, “Does this stuff even work?” Yes, it can actually do wonders if used wisely. Research reveals that CUPIDPALLS is one of the best matrimonial site available for both local and international people. is one a dating website in Kenya that is a one-stop for everyone looking for a soul mate. The site has a large share of dating market such that its brand has become a synonym of dating. I bet you have heard some young singles say “naenda cupidpall” which merely means going to a date.

Cupidpalls matching Process
To find matches, Cupidpalls first identifies your location and then matches you with other people nearby. You’re shown a handful of profiles from potential dates that Cupidpalls finds for you.
You can then anonymously choose to “like” or “pass” on a suggested date. When you tap “like” on someone, and they do the same to you, Cupidpall displays a message that says, “It’s a match!” Then, both of you can message each other through the app, similar to SMS texting.
Cupidpalls has a history of dealing with problems related to how it displays user location data, putting users at potential risk of being targeted by predators. As with any location-based social app, the reality of potentially being stalked by anyone who can see a user’s location is almost always a potential threat. Those who has been stressed about online dating, is the best place to go

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