Good News To Kenyans As Nationwide Curfew To Be Lifted Soon, President Kenyatta Says







There have been consecutive calls from the public, state leaders, and also from the opposition side, calling the president of the Republic of Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the 10 pm to 4 am curfew.

This according to many leaders has barred many traders, especially those who operate at night from carrying out their activities. However, today in his tour in Karatina, the president has said the nationwide curfew may be lifted.

However, he maintains that only if the covid-19 protocols are observed. “In the days to come, we will look at it, I’m working and very soon you will hear it.

I do not want to speak too early but very soon. You need to also protect yourself from the disease so that when we reopen there are no more deaths and you will be free to live as you want,” he said.








However, this is not a complete assurance of the lifting of curfew since things may turn otherwise.

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