Prof George Wajackoya Speaks On Who Was Sent To Nribe Him With Ksh200 Million To Spoil Votes.

Yesterday night, Roots party presidential candidate George Wajakhoya left many confused after an interesting TV interview.

Wajakhoya who was being interviewed at TV47KE revealed that some people had been sent asking him to step-down and also spoil votes for one of the presidential candidates.

According to him, a party between Azimio and Kenya Kwanza sent several of his Asian friends to convince him.

“They sent several Asians who are my friends asking them to Bribe me with 200 million shillings to spoil votes for one of the presidential candidate.”-Wajakhoya.

According to him he declined to take that cash as he has a bigger dream for this country.

The Roots party presidential candidate has pledged to reveal the names of those who tried to Bribe him.

He has also rubbished claims that he was supporting Raila Odinga and was his project to spoil votes for the UDA presidential candidate William Ruto.

In an interesting turn of events, Wajakhoya has also pledged not to attend the highly anticipated Presidential debate if he is not paired with Raila and Ruto.

Watch from the 40th Minutes

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