Reasons Kenyans Want DP Ruto To Be The 5th President Come 2022 Election

Deputy President William Ruto, the self-proclaimed king of the hustler nation, is treading a tightrope with a multiplicity of pitfalls threatening his presidential ambitions.

After his free fall from being Uhuru’s favoured successor, the DP is facing a ferocious onslaught from his former buddy, casting doubt on his chances to ascend to power.

For the first time since their relationship started to sour, the President has accused Ruto of rocking Jubilee from within and dared him to resign. His remarks were lethal.

This if-you-don’t-like-it-quit ‘advice’ is the clearest indication of an irredeemable break-up. The two are exploring different options as the 2022 presidential battle shapes up.

Ruto has fought back, insisting he is the country’s second in command serving a constitutional term.

Here are some top reasons why Kenyans wants DP Ruto to be 5th president;

1. DP William Ruto is a competent & development oriented leader with a proven success in business and leadership.

2. Ruto has a passion for serving the Country is universally accepted. He understands that the interests of the people supersedes individuals interest.

3. He interacts with people on a daily basis & therefore understands well the problems the people of Kenya go through ‘mashinani’.

4. Through his Hustler Nation assembly, he has been able to touch many lives and put a smile to many people all over Country and beyond.

5. He’s a sober and restrained leader. His calm approach to issues makes it possible for him to perform his duties as a deputy President efficiently & effectively with the support of other stakeholders without leaving others behind.

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