Relieve for kenyans as fuel prices drops

Kenyans can now smile after the government announced through the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority-EPRA reduced cost of fuel in the country.

The coat of petrol is set to come down to 129.72 per liter, 110.6 for diesel, and 103.54 for kerosene in Nairobi should MPs approve.

These are the recommendations to take fuel costs by the Finance and National planning committee.



Petrol mostly used by motorists has dropped by 5 per liter. Diesel, used in the transport and agricultural sector has dropped by 5 an equal margin.

The move is likely to tame the cost of living which has been rising in months. The drop in fuel prices comes despite the increase in the landed cost of petrol and diesel.

Petrol increased by 1.71 percent from sh $548.36 per cubic meter in August to Ksh $557.74 in September. The changes now put new prices of 129.72 per liter of petrol in Nairobi down from sh 134.72.

In the official statement of Thursday, October 14, 2021 afternoon, the Energy board announced that fuel costs will reduce starting Thursday night.

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