Sad! Six People Killed In An Accident Involving A Bus And A Lorry Near Chania High School

Six people have been killed in an accident in the area of the green state near Chania boys’ high school along the Nakuru Nairobi highway. The accident which occurred a few minutes to 7 pm was a head-on collision involving a 14 seater matatu headed to Nakuru and a lorry that was headed to Nairobi.

The driver of the lorry is reportedly lost control of the vehicle ramming straight into the oncoming Matatu head-on. It is reported that 5 of the 8 occupants of the matatu died on the spot and another one died while in the hospital receiving treatment. The dead include the driver of the matatu, and those people who were injured are currently admitted at the Nakuru Level 5 hospital and the driver of the lorry is among those injured.

According to witnesses, the driver of the PSV vehicle tried very hard to escape the oncoming lorry which had lost control but unfortunately, they were late since the lorry rammed into them.

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