The Drug Addiction Manace by Nickson Sikuku

Drug addiction has been an overlooked disaster over the recent times in our country the youth being on the receiving end. Furthermore, the youth under such influence have been carefully soothed with couple of notes primarily not exceeding five hundred shillings to perform hideous acts for hidden top figures in our society. The lives and future of the youth has been reduced to a working tool closer to a charged robot.

Speaking from a first point of view, drugs have been the primary source of my needless obstacles in life especially on pursuing my journalistic dream. Right from high school, I had directed my curiosity on to the wrong field, drugs.

At first, all you tell yourself is, “I am clever than this,” and you convince yourself in believing you will bail out once you realize you are hitting the boiling point of addiction.

I am here to confirm the chances of achieving such a theory are zero. As soon as I discovered comfort in drugs, events that follow are inevitable.

It gets to a point where your mind can draw the microscopic images of the drug, in my case being bang. I had attached myself to the drug to a level where my success in examination purely depended on it. Worse still, my ability to perform normal duties as easy as washing clothes.

In other words, the drug tends to convince you of its pure intentions on you, that it’s more of a helper or rather nitro booster.

How I managed to garner grades enough to propel me in the journalistic field, bearing in mind it being the prime former education CS Amina with boost from Dr Fred Matiangi era, still remains a mystery that I encourage scientists to look into.

I however succumbed to the effects of drugs on my freshmen year in campus. As much as I knew it was long coming, I lacked the wisdom to avoid the calamity. I was reduced to Zombie, the worst I would imagine befalling on any living creature.

The best I could do was open my mouth to smoke or select a favorable vain to administer the drug through injection.

I lost two years under rehabilitation, something that I now interpret as a win. My parents spent a fortune on reclaiming the angel side of me and I could not be grateful enough.

My name is Nickson Mambonga a third year Student at Rongo University, and I am proud of overcoming drug addiction. The earlier one realizes the malicious intentions drugs impose on the human body, the higher the chances of overcoming the inevitable predicament.

Its however never late to straighten one’s life to a clear path away from drug addiction. Rehabilitation centers are of great help towards the war on overcoming addiction irrespective of the cost. All it takes is garnering the will and determination to follow the path to redemption.

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