The Most Expensive School In Kenya And How Much Tuition Fees Is Paid

Education is expensive but equally it is a long term investments that parents go at great length to ensure that their children get the best. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) there ae 90,145 schools in the country. This is inclusive of both public and private institutions.

However, the private institutions majority belong to the wealth and popular individuals where they enroll their children in those schools. One of the institutions which has equally gotten recognition in Africa as a whole is the International school of Kenya. The school covers from Pre-kindergarten to form 4 level.

Who owns the school?

According to our sources, the school is co-owned by the American Embassy and the Canadian high commission. The school is located in Nairobi and is also a member of the International schools in Africa (AISA).

According to the schools website, the institution has an overall population of 1,000 students which comprise of Kenyans and those from outside Kenya.

School arrears charges

The school charges Kshs. 44,448 for admission and a tuition fee of from 16,243 to 31,242. Equally a parent of a student from this school has to part with 2.2 million for life center education program and a bus fee of kshs. 244,464 per head.

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