These Are The Reasons Why The Government Has Extended The Nationwide Curfew For 30 Days

As Kenya’s economy seeks to recover from the ravage caused by the covid-19 pandemic, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe announced yet another 30 day extension of the covid-19 containment measures in a bid to flatten the curve.

According to the health CS, the 30 days will be used to ramp up vaccinations across the country. With data from the ministry of health indicating that 2.4% of Kenyans have been fully vaccinated as of October 3rd with 2.9 million people having received the first dose.

As of Monday, Kenya has been under curfew for 18 months and 8 days to stent the spread of covid-19, with health experts now calling on the government to revise the strategy that has led to the transport and tourism sector receiving a major blow.

Medical experts advised that social distancing and wearing of masks should be maintained.

This is because an ease in the containment measures isn’t an indication of the end of Covid-19 virus in kenya.

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