Two Suspected Phone Snatchers Beaten To Death. Motorbike Torched

Two suspected phone snatchers were today afternoon lynched by an angry mob at the junction of Ruiru and Bypass.

This was after the suspects, who were riding on a motorbike allegedly ambushed a pedestrian and snatched a phone from him.

Unluckily for the thieves, their 40-days had come to an end.

“The victim made noise and screamed for help which attracted the attention of bodaboda riders within the area,” said an eyewitness.

The bodaboda guys managed to corner the two suspects and pinned them down at the Ruiru – bypass junction.

Suspected phone snatchers body

The two suspects were dealt with mercilessly by the bodaboda guys and a group of bystanders who beat then up to a pulp and the motorcycle badly vandalized.

Among those who participated in the mob justice said that they were fed up with the increasing elements of phone snatchers in the locality.

They vowed to ‘sanitize the town and get rid of such criminals by lynching them.

Police arrived late at the scene after the two suspects had long been killed.

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