Uncertainty Rocks DP Ruto’s Camp As Equity Bank Drops This Shocker About 15b Dept By Ruto

Appearing before the national assembly and finance committee probing the link between the Deputy Presidents William Ruto, the Turkish National Harun Aydin, and an alleged phone call asking for a 15billion shillings loan which equity bank denied of having any knowledge of the Turkish Businessman.

When questioned about Harun Aydin saga, his aborted trip to Uganda, the deputy president spoke of how he assisted a businessman to secure a 15 billion shillings loan from the equity bank of Kenya to invest in a pharmaceutical project in Uganda. The deputy president added that his phone call to the bank yielded results.

However, the bank said it was a Ugandan client, the day brook limited operating two accounts one under Day pharmaceuticals and the second account operated under day milling account.

However, the bank denied having loaned the company the 15billion shillings in question. In the 2019 financial report, equity bank indicated that it had partnered with day brook in Uganda to finance its expansion of pharmaceutical, biotech,h, and research plants. In the 2020 financial report, the Uganda intelligence agency froze the accounts of day brook after suspicious transactions took place.

This was made public by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni in his 2020 state of the nation address. They were not sure where this money was coming from and what it was doing. The parliament in line with the claim, questioned the statement by DP Ruto about the bank.

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