Winnie Odinga Appeals To The Youth To Support Her Dad, Raila Odinga

The political temperatures are increasing every day. Every political aspirant is trying in every way using all means to gunner more voters on his/her side.

On the other hand, politicians are now promoting their agendas and one of the topmost talked about is William Ruto’s Bottom-up economic agenda and Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja agenda.

Raila met the Mount Kenya Youths yesterday at the University of Nairobi and a lot was said at the meeting.

Many youths have shown resilience and interest in change in the coming general elections.

Winnie Odinga is now calling on the youth to support her dad in his vision for Kenya and the youths at large.

She has said that the struggles and the interest of Raila are for Kenya to be a country to be admired under his leadership.

This has however sparked reactions across the nation with people airing their different views.

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