With Just Grade D+ You Qualify For These Courses At KMTC

For medical courses, the best place to be is at the Kenya Medical Training College. There are a variety of courses which are offered at the institutions distributed across the country.

However, for many students, getting grade D+ may sound disappointing but with that grade you qualify for a medical course at the KMTC.

The following courses only require a minimum of Grade D+ to enroll at the KMTC.

1. Health Promotion for the deaf ( CHPD) Deaf students only.

This falls under the department of health promotion and community health. You only need a KCSE mean grade of D+ to pursue this two year course.

2. Nutrition and dietetics:

KCSE mean grade required is D+, with a D+ in languages and Biology, D in any other science and chemistry. The course takes two years to complete.

3. Health records and Information Technology:

The course duration is 2 years.

You only need a mean grade of D+ with a D+ in any of the languages and D- in mathematics.
Now let’s hurry for this positions.

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