5 Proven Methods to Get More Instagram Followers

When you are able to amass a large following on a platform like Instagram, you can use it to your advantage in several ways.

Business owners have a built-in audience that can learn about their latest products, services, promotions, and special events. Content creators have a way to get people to click on their latest video or blog. 

To boost the chances of achieving your professional goals, using social media sites like Instagram is crucial in 2021 and beyond. The five proven methods below will help you get more Instagram followers within weeks.

1. Buy Instagram Followers on Twicsy

When you are serious about growing your following on Instagram, you cannot be afraid to buy followers. There is no risk to your account from the Instagram algorithm if you are buying followers from a reputable source like Twicsy.

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, buy them from Twicsy in bundles along with likes and views.

Buying all three at the same time is the best way to make the improvements to your account seem genuine and organic. Another step you should take is to request that any likes, views, and new followers are delivered gradually, not all at once.

You only need to make such purchases two or three times over several months. The goal is not to increase your account’s following to 200,000 by buying all those followers.

Your mission is to buy a set number of followers, such as 20,000 or 30,000, and then take advantage of that growth to fuel further organic growth using the methods outlined below.

Pursuing this type of strategy is the ideal way to take your Instagram account to the next level.

Other reliable and recommended sites include Buzzoid and Rushmax.

2. Monitor Tagged Photographs

There are far too many business owners who do not take the time to see if they are being tagged in photos by others on Instagram. They may not even know such a feature exists, when it is one click away from them on their main profile on the website or app.

By seeing these tagged photos, you get an understanding of the reception you are getting from the Instagram users in your area.

Perhaps some people visit your business, have a good or bad experience, and then go online to talk about that experience.

Seeing these tagged photos can help you jump on positive feedback, and quickly resolve negative incidents.

3. Leverage Your Local Area

When you live in an interesting city or town, you must take advantage of that place to grow your audience.

If you are running a business, your main clientele are people in the local area, which means you have even more incentive to show the world on Instagram that you are from a specific area.

By posting pictures of your city, visiting major events or social gatherings, and documenting important events as they take place in the area, you are establishing your business as very relevant. People will be more likely to follow you, and listen to what you have to say.

The same is true for content creators or influencers.

Rather than trying to push yourself as a citizen of the world, showing that you are from a particular area, visiting establishments and landmarks in that city, and showing pride in your community, you are furthering your personality. 

4. Partner With Other Creators or Businesses

Content creators should be looking to form partnerships with businesses, while commercial entities should be working with content creators or influencers to further their agenda. 

Say you are running a local restaurant. You have an Instagram account that is steadily gaining followers.

Partnering with local influencers is a wonderful way to grow that audience, as a lot of people will follow you when they see that you are being tagged by the influencer. 

If that person comes to your establishment and takes photos or videos, posts them, and then talks positively about your operations, you can gain even more. 

The same is true for content creators or influencers, as they have a lot to gain from partnering with businesses.

People will realize they are active in the local community, which often results in more followers on Instagram.

Such partnerships or collaborations do not have to last long. Even a single instance of interacting with another business or content creator on Instagram, meeting up, and then posting about it on the platform can yield very positive results.

5. Engage With Your Audience on Popular Topics

One of the best ways to start building not only a large, but loyal, audience is to engage with them regularly.

Engaging with your audience about the contents of your posts is a good place to start, but that should not be the extent of your interactions with them on Instagram.

Businesses and content creators around the world find that when they talk to their audiences about relevant issues, they see outstanding results for their follower count.

If you notice a particular topic dominating conversation in your local community, state, or country, then you must talk to your audience about such a topic in your own way.

Now you may be nervous that talking about a topic that is dominating conversation will put your account in a difficult position, but you have nothing to fear.

Even though you will get some push back, people will follow you to read your opinions, and they will stay there as long as you remain active on the platform.

Kick-Start Your Instagram Journey

Being on Instagram is not enough as a business owner or content creator – you must have a large following to leverage such a platform.

If you are serious about achieving your digital marketing goals, then all of the above strategies can serve you very well.

Buying followers from a reputable source such as Twicsy, monitoring tagged photos, taking advantage of your local area, partnering with others on the platform, and engaging with your audience will bring you organic growth and social proof on Instagram.

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