A businessman in Kibra counting losses after his hardware shop and club were torched down by goons and reduced to ashes (PHOTOs).

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – A businessman based in Kibra watched helplessly as his hardware shop and club were reduced to ashes on Monday night when chaos broke out.

John Kebaso had hoped that the day’s running battles between protestors and police would end by sunset.

However, his hopes were dashed when youths armed with crude weapons, including pangas, descended on his business at around 7:30 pm.

“They made a forceful entry into my business and robbed it before setting it on fire,” he said.

He watched in horror as his lifetime investment went up in flames, and his desperate attempts to reach the authorities proved futile.

“I made multiple contacts, I tried phoning Kilimani police station and I was referred to Kibra, they told me cops had been dispatched to another location, I tried Jamhuri and I got no response,” he said.

The businessman estimates his losses at around Sh3.9 million in stock in the club, apart from the fixed assets which was also consumed by the fire while the hardware stock was valued at over Sh13 million by the beginning of March.

“Everything we had was here,” he lamented. 

“This business was not just a source of income for me. It was my life’s investment. It was from here that I provided for my family and educate my children,” he added.

1) See photo of his business before it was destroyed.

The aftermath.

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