Abyssian Iron And Steel Company In Kendubay Recovers Goods Worth 1.8M That Were Allegedly Stolen

Abyssian Iron and steel company could be counting losses if they had not used the kendu bay police officers to recover their lost goods. The driver of the lorry carrying goods deviated from the stipulated route not knowing they were on track by the companies director.

Yesterday, the said company dispatched a lorry carrying goods worth 1.8million to kiss. The lorry used the Kisumu-Kiisi highway route. Upon reaching Oyugis Market the lorry deviated towards the kendu bay.

The sudden deviation rose eyebrows to the company director who was tracking the movements of the lorry.

He alerted the kendubay police officers who caught up with the lorry whilst it was good was being offloaded.

One thug decided to exchange fire with the police but gave up and disappearred towards the shores of lake victoria.

The thugs were a group of 3 men and 1 woman. Namely; Byron Apollo ochieng Otieno John omondi Ochieng, Quinter Otieno, and Benard Otieno.

They are currently at Kendubay police station for further questioning.



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