DP Ruto Possible Running Mate Who Might Make Him Victorious Over Raila In 2022

The Deputy President’s office has not lost its appeal despite the woes currently facing its current occupant and the country’s number two, William Ruto.

Attaining this position brings one just a step away from the highest office in the land, with its occupant taking up the President’s roles whenever the leader is out of the country or indisposed.

Two of the office’s past occupants, Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Arap Moi who served while it was referred to as the Vice Presidency, gained experience that propelled them to the highest office in the land.

The road to 2022 has seen tensions reach fever pitch, with the well-documented hustlers vs dynasties agenda dominating the political talk.

However, those running for the Presidency in the 2022 general elections have their work cut out for them about the choice of running mate.

According to my own opinion, Hon Martha Karua stands a better chance of helping the second in command to clinch the top seat which is highly contested by horses, ODM leader Raila and DP Ruto.

This comes after a section of Mt. Kenya leaders are allegedly said to be lobbying Hon. Martha Karua as DP Ruto’s running mate in the upcoming 2022 polls because of the following reasons;

1. Karua’s long political and leadership experience.

2. Karua has always defended the constitution and the rule of law.

3. She has never been swayed by any political wave. Even if it means standing alone.

4. She has always stood for what she knows is right and cannot wait for direction from any political master.

5. She has never been involved in any corruption cases.

These, and many other reasons, form the basis of this push to have Karua as DP William Ruto’s running mate as the 2022 general elections come to the fore.

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