See Why DP Ruto Will Walk Over Raila Odinga In 2022 General Election

The handshake between former opposition leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta got the campaign to succeed Kenyatta off to a premature start. Odinga has been battling since then against William Ruto, who has himself been abandoned by the head of state.

The seemingly never-ending campaign for the presidential elections, which are due to take place on 9 August 2022, has crystalised around the Building Bridges Initiative, a constitutional referendum championed by Kenyatta and Odinga. As they prepare for the much anticipated general election, both candidates have set their electoral machines to work to win political and financial support, with Ruto seemingly being at high percentage rate of clinching the seat.

According to my own opinion these are the major reasons as to why DP Ruto Will walk over ODM party leader Raila Odinga;

1. DP Ruto is holding more than 3 meetings a day with high profile leaders and local Kenyans.

2. DP William Ruto has mobilized the church to help him in his 2022 presidential ambitions.

3. DP William Ruto is always funding poor Kenyans and youths through the Hustler Nation assemblies to start their own businesses.

4. DP William Ruto is surrounded by young energetic leaders to campaign for him eg Sylvanus Osoro and Ndindi Njoro.

5. DP Ruto has the cash to dish out for campaigns.

6. Ruto has won Raila’s strongholds eg Western, Kwale and Kissi.

Dear readers who do you think amongst the two will carry the day come 2022 presidential election.

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