Activist NJERI WA MIGWI speaks after raiding a house in Nairobi where young girls are trafficked from the village and forced to entertain men online through live SEX SHOWS (PHOTOs).

Tuesday, 28 February 2023 Human Rights Activist Njeri Wa Migwi has rescued some young girls who had been trafficked from the village and forced into online prostitution.

Read her Facebook post below.

We received an alert on a suspected sex trafficking house. Someone alerted us that there were girls being filmed and being mistreated in a certain house.

We went and reported the matter this morning and set out. Once We arrived I had to knock on the house, all the curtains were drawn but could see shadows passing. They kept refusing to open until I insisted this was my building and I needed to come in.

When they opened, ring lights, laptops mattresses, and all manner of video recordings were in there. The police came in and carried out the raid.

The girls are brought from upcountry under the guise of ill get you a job. Once they come and do bogus interviews They’re told where they’ll sleep and that’s when they’re locked into the house and there’s no going out. Here they’re made to perform and do live sex shows for clients abroad. Heh. They are only fed one meal a day of either rice or ugali, or starved if they don’t meet their quota of money at the end of their day.

There is also beating, insults, and anytime you demand to leave you are told you spoilt the electronics and you cant afford to pay.

We managed to get the perpetrators who are also a young couple. We are still at the police station processing all that has happened.

We will be taking the trafficked girls into a safe place for onward care and counselling.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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