Actor Omosh Rubbishes Jalango’s Claims on The Aforementioned Contributions

Actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has finally responded after Jalang’o angrily told him to sell the house he was built for if he wishes.

Speaking in an interview on a local radio station, Omosh said that Jalang’o should not get angry since the money he was given by well-wishers was spent in paying off debts and other expenses.

“Why are you getting angry at me?Money comes and goes. I spent the money on so many debts and other expenses. You should not get angry at me. Some of the cash pledged to me didn’t get to me. I have two wives, children and I needed to pay off all the debts” Omosh said as translated from Kiswahili.

Omosh insisted that he desperately needs a job. He says that the job offers he has been getting are away from Nairobi county and he can’t go and leave his family all alone.

Listen to Omosh’s interview by clicking on this link;

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