Akothee Confesses Her Undying Love For Ex-Manager Nelly Oaks

Akothee: ” Nelly Oaks is the man in my LIFE NOW. Tukiachana nitawaambia I Love him to death. I believe and can feel that he loves me too This guy gives me goosebumps

Having past failed relationships doesn’t mean I won’t date.”

The cake now Belongs to him and him Alone; says musician Akothee as she confesses her undying love to her former manager Nelson Oyugi alias Nelly Oaks.

I will take this bold step to thank God for having brought you into my life , All the fan the journey, the laughter’s the disappointments, the pain and the satisfaction we endured together were all lessons of life 💪 I will never regret one day of having you in my life , I think most of the time ,I piss you off than you do to me King ,I know I am not a very easy person ,🤔 I hate some of my behaviors.

Akothee says the past won’t stop her from the present now she feels so happy and grateful for having Nelly oaks in her life

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