Amos Rono: Bomet Groom Left at the Altar: “Without Support, I Probably Would’ve Taken My Life”

Amos Rono, the groom from Bomet who suffered a devastating heartbreak after his bridegroom left him at the altar last year, says he is still healing, or rather, wiping his premium tears.

Rono made headlines in December after his would-be bride Nelly Chepkoech called off the wedding ceremony at the last minute. At the time, the 30-year-old revealed that Ms Chepkoech said she had been seeing another man.

However, the bride’s father, Rev. Charles Kosgey, the pastor at Chebirbelek AGC in Sotik, said the area director of the Tenwek region called him on the day of the wedding to inform him that it had been postponed. The reason provided was that the two lovers had only known each other for six months.

“My plans to wed Nelly Chepkoech are over because she was not sincere and only waited until the last minute when she decided to open up and declare she was dating another man. She broke the news through a text message to the Rev Koech that she needed time to decide and her allegation that the church postponed the wedding is a big lie,” Rono told reporters two months ago.

Valentine’s Day Plans

Yesterday, as lovers celebrated each other on Valentine’s Day, Rono spoke to the media, updating curious Kenyans about his progress.

“Due to the turn of events that led to the cancellation of the planned wedding a few hours before D-Day, I will be spending time alone at home reflecting on the good things life has given me and how God has been good to me,” Rono told Nation.Africa.

“If the wedding had happened, I would have taken my partner out to dinner. That opportunity will wait for someone else who comes into my life in the future.”

Despite the heartbreak of the canceled wedding, Rono expressed resilience and strength, emphasizing the importance of support in preventing the situation from overwhelming him. He sees himself as a living testament to the power of perseverance and maintaining a focus on the greater good.

“I was heartbroken, but I am here, I have taken it all in stride. If I had not had enough support I probably would have taken my own life. I am a living example of never giving up in life and focusing on the greater good despite the circumstances,” he said.

Multiple Offers From Women

Rono mentioned that he has been receiving numerous calls and offers from interested women, all of which he has politely declined.

Even after changing his mobile phone number, he supposedly continues to receive requests.

“I am not in the market for a partner. At least not for now, I am still healing and trying to settle down. But I have not closed the door to love. It will be reopened and when the time comes, I will make it known,” Rono was quoted.

“However, I would not discourage those who have contacted us. We will keep the conversation open. Lady Luck will smile on one of you out there.”

Speaking about his former would-be wife Nelly, Rono disclosed that they have not had any contact since last year.

Concerning the five head of cattle paid as dowry, Rono said, “That is a matter for the elders. I have no role to play in it. Nature will take its course according to the tradition of the Kipsigis community.”

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