ANDREW KIBE explains why he couldn’t have SEX with KAMENE GORO

Monday, 27 March 2023 – Controversial media personality, Andrew Kibe, has made it clear that he never slept with his former co-host Kamene Goro.

Speaking on his podcast, Kibe said Kamene is not his type.

According to Kibe, he loves petite women and if Kamene was a bit slender, he would have slept with her a long time ago.

“Wacha niwaambie ukweli Menje kama hangekuwa mnono hivyo ningekuwa nishaibomoa kitambo sana. Yeah but unajua mi ni mtu wa maslim. Like those three chestless, wale the young and the chestless. Hao naweza wafuliza onetime,” Kibe said.

Kibe and Kamene fell out after he left Kiss FM.

Kibe started bashing Kamene on his podcast, marking the beginning of their beef.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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