Angry Raila Picks Another Fights With Anti-BBI, Drop Bombshell Concerning The Referendum

Angry Orange Democratic Movement party leader and the former Prime Minister H. E Raila Odinga has today Thursday, July 8, 2021, morning picked another fight with the anti-Building Bridges Initiative BBI proponents live on air during a morning show with Royal Media Service owned radio station, Radio Jambo.

While answering a question he was asked by Radio Jambo news anchor Vincent Ateya concerning the fate of the BBI and also any possibility of Kenya plunging into the much-awaited referendum by the BBI proponents and their supporters, the ODM leader said that if few individuals who think the constitutional amendment is only to benefit him and his handshake partner president Uhuru can come to their senses and realize the importance that the documents entails then the document will sail through.

The former Prime Minister also added that there is no problem to hold a referendum even if the general election is almost here with us citing that other countries hold even five referendums in a single year adding that he sees no problem with the same case here in Kenya.

He also added the anti-Building Bridges Initiative BBI are just conmen allied to Ruto agitating that Kenyan citizens should be allowed to exercise their Democratic rights and decide whether the document is good for them or bad.


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