AOKO OTINEO dismantles AMIRA, SAMIIDOH’s wife EDDAY NDERITU, and other goat wives.

Friday, March 3, 2023 – It’s disturbingly puerile that a man has to sneak in another woman into the frame before wives get a sense of healthy discomfiture

Before they can feel pricked, prodded, and bothered enough to seek to be better.

It took Amber Ray for Amira to realise only elephants are allowed to weigh more than 100kg.

My God, she’s a pulchritudinous woman, stunning effortlessly., even as her fellow lady, I see her photo and I take a second peak, a third helping even.

But like most wives, she got comfortable. She stopped putting an effort.

Now after divorce, she’s hitting the gym. She’s cleaning up better.

Unfortunately, guess the men she’s attracting? Younger men with nothing to offer save for plumbing skills. Check the one she was perambulating with in TZ recently.

Truth is, hana substance.

Amber Ray wasn’t the problem. Stop being docile in your marriages then calling others home breakers. Jamal has already impregnated a younger woman. His value hasn’t depreciated.

Remember they also met in High school, – Jamal became a makanga, driver wa mathree, Hustler, and now a Millionaire. Amira like a typical prayer warrior, aka endurance brigade after kuachwa is now influencer at 40.

I insist, while a man is growing, usikubali kuachwa nyuma. If you are a woman of substance, hata ukiachwa urudi soko, you’ll get a man of value. I gave you example of Boss Shollei, Waiguru. Waliachwa and wakapata upgrades!

But kama in your marriage, kazi ilikuwa kuzaa na kunona, after kuachwa sasa kazi ni kupiga nduru online, you’ll get mediocre men kushinda ule bwana uliacha

System ya FACTS!

By Aoko Otieno.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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