Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka Finally Brakes Silence Over the Racial Bully by The England Fans

Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho faced racial abuse on social media platforms earlier this week after the three missed a penalty in their final with Italy,a game that ended 4:3 in penalties in favor of Italy.

Saka in his letter shared a document on Twitter on 15th July 2021 analysed detailed information among them being;

He praised his fellow England team-mates saying that they are his brothers for life and he is grateful for everything he learnt from them.

Saka in his letter also added that he doesn’t want to see a child or any adult receiving the hateful messages that they received.

Saka ended the letter by quoting”there is no place for racism or hate of any kind in football or in any area of society…”

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