AZZIAD comes clean on her alleged leaked nude video that has gone viral (Watch the VIDEO Here)

Thursday, 26 January 2023 – TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya has been trending on Twitter for hours following an explicit viral clip shared of a young lady and a man engaging in a steamy session.

Many internet users are of the opinion that the lady in the video is of significant resemblance to the content creator cum radio presenter.

She has come out to respond to the claims that the leaked sex video is hers after trending on the bird app,

She distanced herself from the viral sex tape, saying that even the lady in it doesn’t have the tattoos she has on her body. 

“So, I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to bust your bubble because it ain’t me. 

“I am grateful to my online family for just coming through and saying that’s not me because you guys know all my tats, and I feel like at this point I should be rubber-stamping some on my forehead to just show you that, yeah, that’s not me,” Azziad said in a TikTok video.

She condemned people who spread such false and insensitive information across social media which she termed as enabling cyberbullying.

“But anyway, I feel like it’s 2023 and if I’m over here minding my own business and you’re over there in my business, then who’s minding your business?

Anyway, we shouldn’t be in that business of creating false information around such topics, because if we’re helping spread such information, then you’re being an enabler to cyberbullying which honestly isn’t cool,” she said.

She added, “You should be rejoicing in things that make you a better individual, rather than rejoicing in things that you feel will lead to the downfall of another individual. You should do better, call yourself into a meeting.”

Watch the trending video here LINK >>>

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