Babu Owino Tells Court Amount Spent on DJ Evolve

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino says he has incurred expenses amounting to over Sh58 million for the medical treatment and overall care of DJ Evolve(born Felix Orinda).

During his defense in a case where he was found to have a case to answer for the misuse of a firearm, Babu Owino informed trial magistrate Bernard Ochoi that he settled Sh23 worth of hospital bills. The MP said he also purchased a Sh17 million apartment in Kilimani for DJ  Evolve.

“The family was not able to take care of him and as a leader I continued paying the medical bills. Total bills accumulated to Sh.23 million. He was immobile and could not move. I bought an apartment at Kilimani at around Sh.17 million and hired two nurses, 2 physiotherapists 1 occupational therapist which up to date am paying Sh.300,000 per month,” Bbau said.

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The lawmaker mentioned that in the last three years since he committed to helping the DJ, he has spent more than Sh5 million on his upkeep and general well-being.

“I have paid Sh.11.1million and its still going on for 37 months. I take care of his upkeep of Sh. 70,000 per month to pay bills and food. Medicine is Sh.80,000 per month. I have paid Sh.5.5 million for 37 months.”

Babu Owino also expressed intentions to continue paying for DJ Evolve’s treatment and establish a DJ academy business for him.

On the shooting incident at B-Club in Nairobi, Babu Owio claimed his gun had jammed and therefore it could not have been the one that shot DJ Evolve, leaving him immobile.

 “The gun could not shoot. The bullet could have come from another firearm,” Babu said.

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