Bad News To All Kenyans After MoH Delivers New Details Again About Covid-19 Infections

In the world, millions of people have confirmed dead after contracting Covid-19 infections. Futhermore, the virus is transmitted from one person to another through physical contact. Many countries around the world have introduced tough measures to curb the spreading of omicron virus.

According to the source, ministry of health have delivered bad news again to all Kenyans. The ministry has revealed that two people have been confirmed dead after contracting Covid-19. Futhermore more than 200 patients are admitted in different hospital while 833 are in home based care unit. Futhermore, the country has recorded 144 positive cases from the size sample of 5897 which is equivalent to 2.4%.

Nairobi country is leading with 85 positive cases, followed by Kisii county with 8 positive cases. Look today’s Covid-19 distribution in different counties.

These are bad news to all Kenyans because more than 200 people are admitted in different hospital.

This comes in after our neighbouring country, Uganda confirmed new cases of omicron variant. Stay safe and have a blessed night.

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