Be responsible for the number of kids you have – Lady says after her friend with 5 kids asked her for money for child dedication (VIDEO)

Thursday, February 23, 2023 – This  lady has taken to social media to harp on the need for adults to have the number of children they can cater to.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the woman asked people to ensure they have kids that they can cater to and not just to have children with the belief that other people will help cater for their well-being.

She shared these thoughts after her friend who ‘gives birth almost every two years,’ reached out to her and other friends to gather money for her child’s dedication.

‘Almost every two years all of us as friends will have to gather money for your child’s naming ceremony or for dedication or for one year birthday. We have been friends with you for 17 years and it’s more like you are learning nothing from everything we have been saying to you. Now you are on your 5th child and you want everybody to contribute money for your child’s dedication and I said I am out because this 2023 I have chosen to become selfish. I do for you what I want to do and not what you want me to do. If you chose to open your legs or keep impregnating your woman you should be ready to shoulder the responsibility that comes with it.”

Watch the viral video below

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