Bipartisan dialogue is dead even before it starts as EDWIN SIFUNA threatens to ask RAILA to remove him from the Azimio team – Look!

Thursday, April 13, 2023 – The anticipated bipartisan talks between President William Ruto’s government and Raila Odinga’s Azimio may be falling apart even before the real dance starts.

This is after the Azimio side accused Kenya Kwanza of not being serious with the talks, especially after Ruto unveiled his 7-member team.

Besides, Azimio accused Kenya Kwanza of narrowing down the talks to only IEBC reconstitution instead of expanding it to include the cost of living, among other things.

Speaking yesterday, Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna hinted at not participating in the negotiations.

He threatened to ask Raila to pull him out of Azimio Bipartisan talks if they will not be centred around the cost of living.

According to Sifuna, Ruto had deliberately ignored a number of proposals they had tabled before him.

The Senator appeared to fault the president for micromanaging the process, saying he was keen on determining its course.

“If we are not going to discuss the price for maize flour, then I’ll ask my Party Leader to relieve me of any responsibilities in the Bipartisan committee,” Sifuna warned.

He added that the manner in which the government is handling the talks will likely result in another call for countrywide demonstrations.

He said they have been treated with contempt even before the talks commence, saying that will likely occasion a return of countrywide protests.


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