Buyer Beware: JOSEPH NJOROGE THUO exposed as a notorious land fraudster – See how he is conning unsuspecting Kenyans of their hard-earned money

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – The public is advised to exercise extreme caution when dealing with Joseph Njoroge Thuo in land transactions. 

Mr. Thuo has been exposed as a notorious conman who preys on unsuspecting individuals, offering them fraudulent land deals.

Several cases of Mr. Thuo duping people of their hard-earned money have been reported. He has been known to forge land documents, make false promises, and disappear with the victims’ money.

Therefore, we caution the public to avoid any dealings with Joseph Njoroge Thuo in land transactions.

Please conduct due diligence before entering into any agreements and report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

One of his victims, Joseph Mwaniki, narrates how he was conned Ksh 350,000 by Mr. Thuo.

In Oct 2019 I decided to invest in a piece of land and I went ahead to select the specific area as had already been subdivided and purchased 1 acre in Nanyuki through Eden Park Country Gardens and I paid Kshs. 350,000 receipts attached.

I was promised a title deed within 3 months which never happened until June 2020. I received the title deed as attached.

In Dec 2020 I requested to be taken to my land in order to fence, I was given someone who was referred to as a surveyor to go and show me. Unfortunately, as we went to the area of the land, he started going to a different direction other than the area I had chosen hence, I inquired and he told me as per the number on the title deed, the land is where he was going.

I immediately called the sales representative by the name Moses and the company’s director Joseph Njoroge Thuo.

The director apologised and promised to issue me a title deed of the area that I selected or refund the money within 60 days.

Apparently, the land that I was taken to, shown and selected was not the company’s property hence, they couldn’t issue a title deed for what I had selected so I opted for a refund.

The director said for the refund to be done, I need to transfer the title deed back to Eden Park Country Gardens and he also refused to pay for the transfer. I went ahead and got their signatures, 2 passport-sized photos, identity cards, and a duly signed transfer document as they are 2 directors and did the transfer. Title deed back to Eden Park Country Gardens was issued on Jun of 2022 and handed back to Eden Park Country Gardens through the sales representative Moses. Communication for the same is attached.

I have attached the title deed under Eden Park.

They also requested that I have to do a search and give it to them. I went ahead and did the search and again handed the same to Eden Park through Moses the sales representative. The search document is attached.

Now the painful part of follow-up started which went on and on until Feb 2023 when I decided to do a Facebook post narrating my story and Eden Park initiated a legal case for defamation against me.

This made me start to post regularly regarding my issue and discovered other 32 people who were issued with fake title deeds and only got to know when they went to do a search and the police were called for them.

I also went ahead to discover that the director Joseph Njoroge Thuo had another company selling land by the name of Thuo investment company which was started in 2009 and has a case before the court for defrauding buyers.

The same Joseph Njoroge Thuo started Eden Park Country Gardens in 2011 and now we are in court again for defrauding us.

Joseph Njoroge Thuo in Dec 2022 started another company Almasi Land Merchants Limited and is currently selling land in Nakuru.

All the CR12 of the 3 companies are attached.

Please kindly help to bring to light this fraud in order to prevent more innocent Kenyans from being conned.

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