Courses You May Opt For In KMTC And Their Description

It is always a norm that people always go for the best. This is the same case with education, people always aim for institutions that offer the best and the availability of the jobs in the market search. However, with KMTC, everything is sorted considering that everyone is accommodates.

These courses may do you good if you go for them:
Health records and Information technology
This course is offered both at a diploma and certificate level. Just like the literal meaning of the course, it involves study in all health records techniques and requirements with the help of the information and technology.

The course duration is two years and you only need a requirement of grade C- to enroll.

Orthopedic and Trauma medicine
Initially it was called ‘orthopedic Plaster Technology’. For this course which takes only 2 years, the requirement is one to have at least grade C- and D+ in math and physics.

Psychiatric Nursing
As the course describes it deals with people with mental disorders. The course whose duration takes 2 and half years, one only needs the qualifications of a C- which according to me is worth it.

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