“Dadangu Alipakwa Matope” Kangogo’s Family Takes U-turn in Death Of Their Kin,Demands This

The family of late Caroline Jemutai Kangogo has now taken a U-turn concerning the death of their kin. Kangogo died in unclear circumstances where it is alleged that she shot herself inside her parents bathroom.

Kangogo’s father had initially said that it was clear that her daughter killed herself. However, the family now says that the DCI needs to establish what resulted to the death of Caroline.

Emotions remained high as Kangogo was laid down to rest. The family however praised Kangogo citing that the Kangogo they knew is not the one who made rounds on social media. Some of those who spoke refuted claims that Kangogo murdered Ogweno and Ndwiga adding that there should be evidence in order to prove that late Kangogo was guilty.

The family says that Kangogo was painted a bad name despite having no evidence to the suspect murder incidents.

The family has made demands that the government should hasten the investigation to determine whether Caroline Jemutai Kangogo killed herself or she was murdered. They also want to know why their daughter was killed and who killed her if she did not kill herself.

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