DCI reports on a dramatic shoot-out between police and armed thugs that occurred in Nairobi-West – It was like a scene from an action movie.

Saturday, 04 March 2023 – In yet another shootout that occurred last night, an armed thug was shot dead in a fierce exchange of fire pitting two thugs against our officers based at Makadara division in Nairobi.

This is after the crime busters on routine patrol and with a nose for thugs, spotted a suspicious motorbike parked close to the exit of La Enzy Mall in South B and pursued it. 

The thugs who immediately smelt a rat engaged our officers in a street chase and began shooting in the air as they made their escape towards Nairobi West, but the traffic along the busy road slowed them down granting our officers the best advantage in recent days. 

The duty Corporal in-charge Kemei (not real name) immediately leapt out of the vehicle, whipped out his pistol that had been carefully secured in it’s waist holster, chambered a round leaving a Ch-chaak! sound following the firearm’s pump action and set off on foot after the bike. Two of his men who were not as fast followed at a distance. 

Kemei, a lanky, long legged former physical fitness trainer in Kiganjo, went after the bike with long strides as motorists who were stuck in traffic stared in awe, as the action unfolded. 

Simama nyinyi! Simama! He shouted at the two thugs who continued shooting in the air as they scared motorists to give them way. But as they approached Nairobi West, corporal Kemei whose umbilical cord is believed to have been buried in Nandi Hills was breathing down their necks and it was only a matter of time before he brought the bike down!

But as fate would have it, the motorbike hit a pavement and began wobbling leaving the armed thug on the tarmac, as the rider miraculously regained stability and disappeared faster than lightning. 

Instead of giving himself up to Kemei who was down on one knee 10 metres away with his firearm pointed at him, the thug reached for his trigger prompting a deafening response from Kemei’s crew, as they covered fire from behind panting like a run-down hare from a chase in the grassland savanna.

A Jericho pistol loaded with 11 rounds of ammunition was recovered from the fallen thug. 

“Na mfanye mazoezi,”Kemei told his men who were sweating profusely from the high octane exercise, as they boarded their police vehicle after handing over the scene to their counterparts from South B Police station. “Tutafanya afande,” they responded as they continued with their night patrol as if nothing had happened.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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