Despite Ksh100 BILLION Pending Bills, City Hall Announces Tender for 18-carat gold mace

Nairobi County, amidst a significant financial strain indicated by its rising debts, now exceeding Sh107.33 billion, is set to spend a substantial amount on acquiring an 18-carat gold-plated mace and security vaults within the next four months.

This initiative follows in the footsteps of Nyandarua County, which a few years ago spent Sh4.3 million on a similar mace.

The tender document from Nairobi County details the mace’s luxurious specifications:

the head, neck, crest, shaft, and tail will be plated in 18-carat gold.

Weighing between 10kg and 10.5kg and standing about 1.2 meters tall, the mace’s shaft will comprise six pieces, each crafted from brass and silver-plated, held together by seven solid brass rings, gold-plated in 18ct.

For the procurement of these materials, the successful bidder is required to collaborate with the Assembly’s user department and technical experts in mining and precious stones, ensuring a monitored and quality-assured production process.

Gold carat measures the purity of gold, with 24-carat gold being the purest at 100% . Thus, the 18-carat gold for the mace signifies a composition of 75% gold and 25% metal alloys like silver, copper, and nickel.

The design of the mace incorporates significant symbols representing various aspects of Nairobi County.

The third piece of the shaft will feature five images, including the Nairobi Expressway for technological advancement, the Kenyatta International Conference Centre and Nairobi National Park for buildings and nature, an image of Second World War memorial soldiers symbolizing national heritage and freedom, and the City Hall building representing devolution.

The tail of the mace will have a solid brass foot, gold-plated, with its upper base in brushed brass and silver-plated, bearing inscriptions of Nairobi’s 85 wards.

Moreover, the county requires the creation of a dummy mace, a steel replica with golden coatings, mirroring the original in aesthetics but differing in material.

Accompanying the mace will be a heavy-duty, fire-resistant steel vault, weighing 500 kg and equipped with nine lockable compartments, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1,000 degrees centigrade for four hours.

The mace is a symbol of legislative authority, a tradition dating back to the UK and introduced to Kenya during colonial times.

The mace must be present for any formal business in Parliaments, including the National Assembly, the Senate, or the County Assembly.

Since 1958, following its presentation to the Speaker of the Legislative Council, Cavendish Bentick, by the crown Prince, the Parliament of Kenya and subsequently the counties have adopted the mace as an essential element of their legislative proceedings.

Although the tender amount is unknown, it is curious that this unnecessary procurement comes at a time when Nairobi County is grappling with debts and pending bills exceeding Sh100 billion.

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