Did TASHA and SHARON kill her? – Mystery surrounding the death of aspiring model LOISE WANJIKU deepens as friends reveal what happened.

Saturday, 04 February 2023 – The family of aspiring model Loise Wanjiku is crying for justice after she died under mysterious circumstances on 30th January 2023.

According to a statement released by friends, Loise was in the company of her two friends Tasha and Sharon when she died.

Sharon reportedly called an ambulance to rush Loise to the hospital, claiming that she had jumped off a building.

She was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she died while undergoing treatment.

Doctors confirmed that her bruises were not from a fall as alleged by her two friends, Tasha and Sharon, since she had internal bleeding.

The report from the doctors indicated that she might have been beaten and heavily punched in the stomach, injuring her vital organs.

The two friends suspected to have killed her have not been arrested despite the matter being reported to the police.

Below is a statement by the deceased lady’s friends.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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