Drama as mombasa slayqueens spiked drinks for MCAs in a merry

A lady known to be in a spiking gang was on Saturday arrested after being found asleep with four gentlemen who were MCAs from Kisumu and one from diwani.

Leah Mwenja accidentally took her own medicine after taking one of the drinks she had spiked. Her gang left her after stealing.

They were able to escape leaving mwenja in her intoxication dilemma. Leah mwenja, a 31-year-old lady together with her colleagues joined the four mcas in a merry in nyali, Mombasa where they had planned their short vacation.

The vacation turned into a disaster because little did they known that the ladies were in sheep clothing. Mwenja’s colleagues took expensive variables, phones, and gadgets from the mcas living her unconsciousness. She struggled hard to gain consciousness but in vain.

The five were found by other county officials who were looking for them.
Mwenja is now in custody.

Detectives from the Nyali police station are now questioning her about the whereabouts of her friends.

They also warned the public against the rise of spiking drinks commonly known as ‘Mchele’ and other methods gangs use to steal from people. “Have fun but be careful with the people whom you sit with”, the detective noted.

Doctors from the coast general reported that the victims were well and are now safe from any intoxication.

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