Dramatic Scene As Nyeri Elderly Men Stage Protest Against Beatings By Wives (Video)

There was dramatic Scene today June 13, 2021, in Nyeri County after a group of elder men staged demonstrations complaining about harassment and beatings by their respective wives.

The elderly men Claim that they have been going through mistreatment in the hands of their wives together with their children who collide together in doing the unexpected act.

They added that they have nowhere to seek help from because they also get the same mistreatment from police officers whenever they report the matters to the authorities who also turn against them, and even sometimes beat them too claiming that they are useless and an embarrassment to the community.

They went ahead and claimed that this kind of mistreatment has led many men to commit suicide.

They are however requesting the government to come to their rescue as they request their wives and children to stop this act ends forth.

Video” https://www.facebook.com/253843368496485/posts/930108327536649/

What’s your opinion concerning the matter?

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