Dramatic Scene As Police Officer Allegedly Caught On Camera Smoking Marijuana

(Photor Courtesy)

Concerned Kenyan citizen have today May 11, 2021 took to his Twitter handle and shared video of a rogue Kenyan police officer who was captured live on camera breaking the law in broad daylight.

The officer has tainted the image of the disciplined force after his video which has since gone viral whiles smoking the illegal substance.

To make matters worse, the officer was smoking the weed while dressed in full police uniform in a company of unidentified person who was seen to be waiting for the cop to finish his action and later departed together.

This comes has Kenya’s Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act states that: “Any person who has in his possession any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance shall be guilty of an offence.” This includes cannabis.

According to the law, if the court decides that the offender only had cannabis for their own personal use, they may be given a prison sentence of ten years. Although this seems harsh, it is considerably less than the punishment for other illegal drugs, which incur a prison sentence of twenty years to life.

In reality, you’re more likely to receive an on-the-spot fine, which, due to the levels of corruption in the country, may end up being pocketed by the arresting officers.

Watch the video.

What’s your take concerning the action the said officer was captured doing in public?

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