Dramatic Scene In Chungwa House As Maasai Elder Destroys Ruto’s Hustler Nation Infront Raila (Video)

There was a dramatic scene in Chungwa house as Maasai elder and the Orange Democratic Movement party Narok North chairman Hon. Waranga destroyed DP Ruto and his Hustler Nation narrative in front of Raila Odinga where he was receiving new party members at the Chungwa House.

While delivering his speak Mr. Marang’a started by saying that there are only two people he knows who fought for the benefit of the country with all their hearts, including late President Jomo Kenyatta and right Hon. Raila Odinga.

He alluded that without Hon. Raila all these people who now have the freedom of insulting everyone including their seniors could have now known that Kenya has brave people who can deal with them ruthlessly.

He went ahead to trash DP Ruto’s presidential quest terming him as a selfish person who only wants to lure Kenyans through his Hustler Nation to ascend to the throne without knowing the bitter path the likes of Raila passed through to bring Kenya where it is right now.

He finalized by stating that those Kenyans who have agreed to be lured by the bad language of the Hustler Nation are not true Patriots of the country, as he requested Kenyans to elect Raila to come 2022 citing that he is the only person who will unite the country and not those that are provided wheelbarrows yet most of the young generation are graduates with bigger dreams

Watch The Video Here

Dear readers, who between Raila and Ruto will you vote as your next President? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and follow for more news updates.

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