eCitizen Portal Achieves Record-breaking Revenue Collection in a Single Day

For the first time, the government has crossed the Ksh 900 million mark in revenue collection on the eCitizen portal in a single day.

Julius Bitok, PS for Immigration and Citizen Services, said the latest data from the online access and payment platform for government services indicates a collection of Ksh 903.6 million on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

Nearly a third of the amount, totaling $1,446,496(Ksh224m), was generated from transactions in US dollars, compared to the Ksh 680.4 million in the local currency.

This figure represents a continuous increase in the funds collected through the platform, following President William Ruto’s directive in June for all state agencies to onboard their services on the eCitizen platform by the end of this year.

The President additionally instructed that all payments for government services should be funneled through a consolidated paybill, 222222. This directive aimed to enhance management and transparency in revenue collection while preventing leakages from numerous collection points.

In response to the directive and with over 14,000 services currently accessible and payable on eCitizen, the daily revenue collection saw a surge to an average of Ksh 300 million last month.

According to data from the Treasury, the collection in November amounted to Ksh 4.664 billion, a significant increase from Ksh 1.44 billion in June before the Presidential directive.

The figures for July, August, and September were Ksh 2.36 billion, Ksh 3.63 billion, and Ksh 4.233 billion, respectively.

The government is banking on the addition of an average of 5,000 new users daily, coupled with the existing 11 million eCitizen users and the incorporation of more services, to continue boosting its daily revenue collection.

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