Edwin Chiloba Murder Case: Court Orders Arrest of Woman Whose Vehicle Transported Body

The High Court in Eldoret has authorized the arrest of a woman whose vehicle is believed to have transported the body of the slain LGBTQ Activist Edwin Kiptoo, known as Chiloba.

Justice Reuben Nyakundi issued the arrest warrant on Monday during the murder case proceedings against the primary suspect Jackson Odhiambo, also known as Lizer.

The court mentioned that Maureen Nabwire Oduori had neglected court summons and declined to bring her Toyota Fielder to court for it to be presented as evidence in the murder case.

Prosecution counsel Mark Mugun revealed that Ms Oduori has been intentionally turning off her phone whenever the court attempts to contact her, even after previously submitting documents requesting the release of her motor vehicle.

“The said person filed an application requesting that the court releases her motor vehicle in the agreement that she would produce the car whenever called upon to do so by this court. However, it turns out that this character has decided that she will not honour the pact that she made with this court,” Mugun told Justice Nyakundi.

Meanwhile, during Monday’s proceedings, two witnesses testified in court, detailing how the accused Jackson Odhiambo orchestrated plans to transport and dispose of the body of the 26-year-old student and fashion model.

The witnesses also revealed that payments for various services were made using the late Chiloba’s M-pesa number.

Francis Were, a taxi driver employed by Ms Oduori, testified that he had rented out the Toyota Fielder car( reg no KCL 229L) to Odhiambo, who happened to be his childhood friend.

Were recounted that Odhiambo had requested to hire the car on January 3, citing a church function as the reason for the rental.

After agreeing to rent the vehicle for Sh3,500, Were testified that Odhiambo made the payment through M-pesa. The M-pesa message indicated that Edwin Kiptoo (the deceased) had sent the money.

In a lighthearted exchange, Were jokingly asked Odhiambo if he had changed his ethnicity, to which Odhiambo responded by explaining that he had acquired a new SIM card and registered it using a friend’s Identity Card (ID).

Were recounted that upon the vehicle’s return, it emitted an unpleasant odor, with Odhiambo promising to cover the car wash fee.

“I raised concern about the foul smell, and the accused told me that he had carried fish in the car, causing the bad smell,” he said.

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The cab driver said he was shocked when police officers from Langas Police Station pursued him on suspicion of being linked to a murder case.

A second witness, Obadiah Ochieng’, who runs a workshop on the outskirts of Eldoret town, recalled an instance when the accused visited his place of business seeking a metallic box.

Ochieng’ recounted displaying his merchandise to Odhiambo, but Odhiambo insisted on acquiring the largest box available.

He informed the court that he subsequently guided his client to a nearby workshop that stocked some of his products.

“The shop was located barely 20 metres from my workshop, and when we got there, Odhiambo pointed at the biggest box, which was size 24. The box was painted dark green. I am the one who had made the box and sold it off to him at Sh7,500,” Ochieng’ testified.

Similar to Were’s testimony, Ochieng’ explained that the accused settled the payment through M-pesa. The M-Pesa statement revealed that he received the funds from Edwin Kiptoo.

The businessman further recalled that after selling the box, he assisted in loading it into the vehicle that Odhiambo was driving.

“The boot of the car could not open, and I advised him to fold the back seats and place the box on it,” he said.

The hearing continues on Thursday.

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