Former KEMRI Boss In Hot Soup Over Graft Allegations

Kenya medical research institute is a national body concerned over research and diagnostic practices of a nation diseases. This is a body fully funded by the government to do research about specific diseases which included the covid-19 research.

However, last year, the organization came under fire over misappropriation of funds reported at the facility. Many people brought forward complains over corruption in the KEMRI.

This came about in terms of tendering process and equally expenditure. The KEMRI boss came under fire took over misappropriation of funds meant for other research purposes which were directed towards individuals’ pockets. Davy Koech who was the boss at the time received a letter of suspension over graft charges.

However, the court has finally slapped the former director with a 19.6 million fine over the graft case in which he was previously accused of corruption.

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