Government Announces: Unused Leave Days Will Not Be Compensated

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei on Thursday announced that all public servants would not have the option to convert their leave days and must utilize them before the conclusion of the 2023 fiscal year.

During a consultative meeting with ministries at the Kenya School of Government, Koskei pointed out that many public servants tend to accumulate their leave days for monetary conversion, a practice he believes has been contributing to corruption.

Consequently, he declared that all public servants must initiate the process of taking their leave, as employees will be permitted to carry over a maximum of 15 days starting from June 30, 2024.

“You get people if they are told to go on leave now they will go for two years, others will go for six months and others 4. Why are you sticking in that office? The President, the Deputy President, the Prime CS go on leave what is this that you don’t want to happen in your office,” he said.

“There are people who have not gone for 250 days, 362 days, I just found out the other day…We cannot pay for corruption, inefficiency, someone who wants to load over others forever.”

Koskei also emphasized that the government will not tolerate individuals who evade taking their mandated leave, advising them that it would promote opportunities for growth among their colleagues in different departments.

“Give others a breathing space also. Let us mentor others to take over from us by even giving them a chance to act for even 20 days and by so doing you will see those who are capable and when you are exiting you can say I have people to run this department,” he said.

“Go and call for all your leave balances and let everybody give a plan by 30th June that person will only have 15 days so agree. Those who have to go for one and a half years let them go.”

In accordance with the Employment Act of 2007, every employee is entitled to a minimum of 21 days of paid leave per 12 months of employment.

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