Here is a message for aging single mothers with kids from different men, who still think they will get a man to marry them after AKOTHEE found love. 

By Mugambi Muriki.

I have seen ladies lying to themselves that they can also be married at any age because Akothee has done so. They’re using her as a SI unit for marriage. 

I have some bad & good news for you. The bad news is; NOBODY will marry you at 40 years with 5 kids and 6 failed marriages. However, there is hope in vice versa, just like Akothee’s. Omosh is not marrying Akothe, it’s Akothee who’s marrying Omosh.

You see, Akothee is smart. In her youthful years, she dated 4 white men who were oiled and made sure she conceived for each of them, therefore embezzling money from them was a walk in the park. 

She set up multimillion businesses that have propelled her to the heights of wealthy Celebrities. She saw an opportunity and utilized it. She never conceived for every tom that came her way!

The good news is; You can also marry ANY MAN of your choice if you’re well-monied. Akothee marries men, they’ve no say over her whatsoever. But expecting a man to marry you while you’re struggling at 40 years with 5 kids from different baby daddies who ran away is a pipe dream. WAKE UP!

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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