“How i Escaped Death after being Kidnapped” Hafsa Mohammed Reveals

Hafsa Mohammed Lukman, the businesswoman from Eastleigh, Nairobi who had initially been kidnapped on Tuesday, June 15, revealed intricate details of her escape from the jaws of death.

Hafsa was rescued by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday, June 20, after they found her at a house in Matopeni area, Kayole.

Reports indicate a shrewd operation, carried out by the detectives and Hafsa’s family, ultimately led to her rescue. According to the victim, they had an altercation with her friend, Hafsa Abdulwahab over debt. Reports show that Abdulwahab is still missing.

Hafsa Abdulwahab, a businesswoman in Eastleigh, went missing alongside Hafsa Mohammed Lukman on Tuesday, June 15.

Narrating the ordeal to her brother, Zachary Lukman, Hafsa entailed that on the fateful day (Tuesday) she and her friend came out of her shop in Eastleigh and walked all the way to Kayole.

When the time came for sunset prayers (Maghrib), Hafsa urged Abdulwahab that they pray together – an offer that her friend refused.

Hafsa, who was unperturbed, continued with her prayers and as she knelt down to pray, two unknown men entered the room they were in and apprehended Hafsa.

According to the victim, the men used sawdust in her mouth before tying her up – a frantic situation that led to Hafsa almost dying due to the scuffle.

“After she (Hafsa) regained consciousness, her friend Abdulwahab was nowhere in sight. Hafsa was tied up in an abandoned house,” Zachary stated.

The family soon began receiving texts demanding the Ksh5 million ransom.

“Do you have the Ksh5 million cash? Take a picture of the money in a bag and follow instructions,” read part of the texts.

The family explained to the abductors that they lacked the funds but requested 30 extra minutes in order to raise the ransom.

This, Zachary stated, rubbed the kidnappers the wrong way, leading to the recording of the video which went viral on social media on Wednesday, June 16.

The family had presented the information to DCI officers who instructed them on how to text the kidnappers.

Zachary affirmed that the DCI officers instructed them to block the ATM card, in order to lure the abductors out. Upon discovery that the ATM was blocked, the perpetrators threatened to kill Hafsa.

“We are abductors and not killers, why have you blocked the ATM? If anything happens to her, just know you are the one who killed her,” part of the text read.

According to Zachary, the traction the case had received on social media and from police, ultimately forced the kidnappers to abandon the victim and flee the scene.

The DCI officers have since apprehended one of the suspects believed to be part of the gang that carried out the heinous operation

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