‘Hustlers Empowerment Fund’ kwa Bizz Legit.

Deputy President William Ruto yesterday promised to deposit Sh1 million to a Sacco formed and managed by Mtito Andei sex workers.

Members of Kenya Sex Workers Alliance.

The DP’s promise came after the sex workers requested him to speed up the release of the ‘Hustlers Empowerment Fund’ so that the women can move on to a fresh start with respectful businesses.

In response to their quest, he asked them to organise themselves into a group and form a Sacco where he pleaded to deposit them a million shillings to help them get into legit businesses.


DP Ruto, vowed to ensure the sex workers had started a respectable business once they receive the money.

The DP said the bottom-up model economy is keen to promote inclusive and sustainable growth by empowering small business people who are currently suffering in the hands of greedy shylocks and lenders who charge outrageous interest.

Ruto pointed out that ODM leader Raila Odinga’s narrative on the social welfare plan of Sh6000 for vulnerable families if elected president is not promising and will encourage laziness among Kenyans.

“A country cannot be built by stipends like some of our opponents are promising. There is a need to create more jobs that will make the citizens economically independent,” he added.

He said the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is a national political party that will bring every Kenyan on board.

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